Gojū-no-Tō (Five-Story Pagoda)

National treasure
Asuka Period: mid 6th - beginning of 8th c.

Pagodas are evolved forms of Indian stupas and are the most important structures in Buddhist temples, being where the relics of a Buddha are enshrined. Hōryūji's pagoda, standing 32.5 meters from its base, is the oldest five-storied pagoda in Japan.

Clay statues

National treasure
early Nara Period: beginning of 8th c.

A collection of clay statues from the early Nara Period are located within the lowest level of its interior: On the east side, Yuimakoji (Vimalakirti) and Monju Bosatsu (Manjusri) are engaged in an exchange of Buddhist questions and answers; on the north side, Sakyamuni Buddha is passing into nirvana; on the west side, the Division of the Relics of Sakyamuni Buddha is taking place; and on the south side, Miroku Bosatsu (Maitreya), a future Buddha, is giving a lecture.

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